Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today you would have been 104. You got close to 100--just 3 years and 2 months away. I thought, as did many others, that you would make it to 100. God had other plans, and His plans are always best!!
I remember other birthdays after Daddy died and how "Just us Girls" got together for most of them. We took you out for lunch and a shopping trip---usually to Wal-Mart's fabric department because that was one of your favorite places to go. A few times we had a picnic/cookout down below Truman Dam, too. One of the best times was when we surprised you with an 80th birthday celebration and invited so many friends and family to join us at the Methodist church in Smithton. A couple of days later we girls took you out [on your real birthday] for lunch. It was always great when Evelyn could come in from California and be with us, too. One of the saddest times was when we went out for lunch [the guys,too.] and then we all went to see Carolyn because we wanted to include her in the day. None of us had any idea that would be the last time most of us ever saw her again.
I would love to hear you tell the story once again about the surprise party you planned for yourself. The surprise was on Grandma because you had asked your friends to come and she wasn't planning a party! If I remember right, you had told her that you wanted a party but she was busy at the time and did not REALLY pay attention to what you were saying. Then you asked her what she was going to serve or something the day of the party and she realized that you were serious and had to come up with something to eat and drink in short time.
Another story I would love to hear again was about 'old Maude' the former race horse that your family had as a 'buggy' horse and how notionate she was about moving only as fast as and when she wanted to move. Except for the day when she met the 'horseless carriage' on the road and it passed her. She took off for home and you all just had to 'hang on' because she didn't stop until she was in the barn!
I could just see it all in my mind as you were telling it!
There are many more things to remember, but they will have to wait until another time.


Anonymous said...

I miss her and her stories and her whistling. I miss everything!

Abby said...

Fun stories!

Kris said...

I was lucky that I got to interview her for a class project in high school, and she told me a lot of things about growing up. I remember the one about Maude, and the surprise party. I really enjoyed getting close to her while she lived in Smithton... wish I'd visited her more often in KC/Independence.