Thursday, June 11, 2009

Storm Warnings/ Storm Shelters

Have you ever been 'stuck' in a store like WalMart during a tornado warning, or a severe storm warning?
Several years ago I got to spend a half hour or so in the 'cooler' area of our local Aldi's store while a severe thunder storm raged out side. I was glad for the comfort of feeling I was in a strong safe place.
Last evening a friend and I stopped off at the WalMart in Warsaw for a 'comfort stop'. We had just dropped another friend at her house on our way back from a shopping trip in Springfield. It was a little dark with a few sprinkles when we went into the store. I decided to use the opportunity of being at a Wal Mart to pick up some vitamins etc. that I was needing. My friend and I were looking for one I wanted when an employee came up to us and asked that we would please move to the center of the store as they had been advised that a severe thunder storm was approaching. When we got to that area we could see that nearly everyone who was in the store was milling about in that area. We spent time checking out some merchandise in the area and just walking around in it. About 20 minutes into that someone made an announcement over the store speakers that we were 'in line' of a tornado that had been spotted in Oceola. I was a little more concerned than I had been, and then I was a little more concerned when I thought about where they had gathered everyone: middle of the store, no structural support that would keep the roof from crushing us all if it fell.
I wonder why that area was chosen!?!? Was there not some area of the store: offices, hall, even bathrooms, that would have protected us from flying glass but would have had interior walls to help support a roof structure? I don't know who writes their policy, but I think they should re-think it! I'm probably going to write a letter to Wal-Mart headquarters and maybe one to some state officials expressing my concerns and asking why they approve this policy. Maybe there is something I don't understand, but then ,again, maybe there isn't!!!


Mandy said...

Yeah, that is bizarre.

Kris said...

You're right, that doesn't make sense. I'm glad you're ok, though!

Abby said...

That is scary! I once saw a Mythbuster episode where they discussed the reason for putting head down was so they could insure death instead of having to pay out insurance costs for injuries in airlines. Hmmm wondering if Walmart is using the same idea?