Sunday, June 21, 2009

HUNGRY! and SO Tired!

After the Finale, we were all pretty hungry so we decided to eat at the restaurant in the hotel. Here is Erika coloring her menu /placemat while we waited for our order.
This picture "says it all!" about how tired everyone was. It was a lot of work in some regards, mainly for Madison and Karen, to get Mad to her 'appointments'/rehersals, and events on time and in the right outfit etc. And there was some 'let down' after it was all over, but I am so glad that Madison got to experience something like this. and I am SO glad that we got to be there to see it all!

Madison is coloring her placemat with Papaw looking on. We all de-stress in different ways. One of the ways Madison chooses is to zone in on some type of artwork. She has always loved to color and draw and has had great comments from her classroom teachers over how well she does with it.[If you want to see what she created for the pageant contest that won her a 'first' rating, check out Karen's blog.--there is a link to it from my blog!]

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