Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August Trip to Branson

We had a really great time! Met Kirk and Stacy and kids at Preston- they drove over hwy 54 to 65- and then drove on down to Lambert's for an early dinner. Had a great meal[of course!]. They brought Ron some birthday balloons and gave us $10 off on the meal,too. He gave the balloons to Bostin and Emily when we got to the Condo.
When we made the reservation we knew that we would be staying in the older buildings because they didn't have anything available in the bigger rooms in the newer buildings. Our rooms were great--spacious and clean, good decor-- but the older buildings weren't built with an elevator! Of Course, our rooms were on the 3rd floor!! That was the only "con" to our trip though.
We went out to Cakes and Creams for ice cream that night. This is one of our favorite places in Branson--the ice cream is good and the 50's/60's music on the juke box is always fun.They have more than ice cream, too, but that is usually all we get there.

The next day we fixed breakfast in the condo and then went out to Silver Dollar City. The weather was great- not too hot or too cold. The first ride got Kirk, Stacy and Bostin wet! Then they played at Geyser Gulch in the balls and with the water. We spent the day watching Emily while they went on the rides,etc. There were a few rides that Bostin was too small to ride so he sat out with us, too. Not one complaint from him! Emily fussed everytime she saw Mama leaving but we were able to distract her by getting her to look at something else. She did take a good nap during part of the afternoon, too. Hooray for strollers!
We were just getting ready to head for the evening show when they closed the park due to a rainstorm in the area. We got to the entrance/exit area just before the rain started gushing down! They moved people to the trams and to the parking lots pretty quickly but we still got pretty wet. It rained all the way back to town and quit about the time we got back into the condo.
I'll write more another time.

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