Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More about Branson Trip

Friday we had Ron's biscuits and gravy before heading out for some shopping. First we had to stop by and get our tickets for the show that night. Then we headed for one of the shopping malls. Went to a Christian bookstore first. Kirk was looking for a certain CD but I don't think he found it. I did run across some boxed Christmas cards that were 50% off and Ron found a Gaither DVD we've been wanting. Next we went to the VF Outlet. They have Wrangler , Lee, Healthtex,Jansport, and Vanity Fair brands. We have always been able to find jeans and slacks there for 1/2 off or more of the regular price, plus sweatshirts and tees, and other items. Some are stock over runs and some have a slight flaw. I have gotten some really good bargains at these stores over the years. Kirk and Stacy found a few things as did Ron and I.
We stopped at a McDonalds for a little snack because Emily was hungry . We didn't want to eat too much because we were going to Dixie Stampede! If you have never been, you need to try it out at least once. At first you might think it is a little expensive ($40 for adults/$20 for kids) but remember--- you are getting dinner AND a show. And you get your money's worth out of them both! First you go into the "Saloon" for a pre-show. This time it was a great juggling act. He kept us all entertained! Then you go into the arena for the dinner/show. When you order your tickets you decide if you want to be on the North or South side. It doesn't really make any difference. It is just a little fun gimmick that is part of the entertainment. There are no 'utensils' to eat with, but you really don't need them. and if you go away hungry...Well, that is YOUR fault! Plus there are horses and wagons and singers and dancers and long horned steers and tric riders and ostrich races and pig races, and water fountains and ...
Bostin watched and laughed and ate and laughed and was really entertained by it all! Emily liked it very well, too.As did all of the 'grown-ups'
When you are going in or out of the building, you pass right by the horse stalls. You can take pictures there and anywhere outside, but you can't take any in the arena. That is liable to 'spook' the horses and other animals. I got several photos of the horses and will try to put them on when I get my camera/computer thing worked out.
Since we had gone to an early show, we went to the activity center at the condos and swam for a while in the indoor pool. By that time we were ALL ready for our beds! More later!


Anonymous said...

I want to go. I know Madison would love that show!

Abby said...

We all went to that last summer with Christian's parents. It was a lot of fun boy did the girls like that they could stamp and kick their feet! Diane was so impressed that Erin had such good rhythm at 4 that she clapped along right to the beat of the music!