Sunday, August 10, 2008

Forty-six and counting!!

Today is our anniversary--46 years, today! Sometimes its is really hard to believe that we have been married all those years, and yet, it seems like we have always been married, too. We were so young [probably too young!] and there were several who predicted that we would not make it past 2 years, if that long. They didn't know what we knew--God intended that we be together. I can't explain HOW we knew, but we just did!

Has it always been easy? NO! But through all of the ups and downs we have known that we had LOVE for each other. When times are the toughest, you can not take it out on each other, you can't listen to others who want you to throw blame around or encourage you to be discouraged about your circumstances. Instead, you draw your stregth from God, and you realize, again, that He knows your circumstances. He sees the things we cannot see and knows the things we cannot understand about the things we go through. Most of all, He knows the "End of the Story"! And, he encourages us to encourage each other.

We didn't always know all of that. So, we were not always 'kind' to each other and 'forgiving' to each other but as we walked with our hands in God's hands we learned to listen to Him more than we listened to our hurt feelings and the wisdom[?] of others . Yes, we still make mistakes, occasionaly--after all we are STILL learning how to live, even after all of these years.
Happy Anniversary, Ron. I love you!

A special Happy anniversary greeting to 2 couples who share our same date: Roy and Lenore Simpson, and Mandy and Gary Billingsley. God's blessings to each of you!


Mandy said...

Thank you! And I was thinking of you two yesterday and wondering how many years it was for you two, now I know! Happy Anniversary!

Abby said...

Happy Anniversary!!