Thursday, August 7, 2008

State Fair--Dollar Day!

We try to make it to the State Fait at least once each year. Today was opening day and the admission was only a dollar. Plus! We had tickets to go with friends to see Air Supply at the Grandstand to night!! So, Ron and I spent an evening at the fair. I picked him up after work and we drove all the way to the fair (Uh-what is that, 2 blocks??). We went in the "historic" main gate, and they had us park really close to the "new" main gate that comes in off of 65 hwy/South Limit, so that is where we bought our fair tickets and entered. Ron had not had much lunch so he suggested we get something to eat, first thing. He had a list fo all of the concession that were giving dollar day specials. First we had a hotdog and a drink-total $4. Then we walked towards the Midway area and saw aplace with dollar corndogs, add $2 -total $6 . Down by the Varied Industries building, another place had $1 Funnel cakes, now the total is-$8. We walked back up by the Grandstand as it was time to meet up with our friends, and the Fair parade was close to starting. Saw several different friends to visit with as we were standing there. Cory 'found' us and brought Maggy and Danielle over to stand with us to watch the parade. Dakota is in the Smith-Cotton band and they were at the front of the parade--right after the High patrol 'escort' cars and the color guard. Kevin was one of the 'spotters' that walked along with the band to help if there was some sort of need with/for the band.
After the parade, Ron headed to the Kettle corn stand for $1 bags to take into the concert with us. Now the total is $10. He picked up a bottle of water for us to share, total-$11.
The concert was WONDERFUL! They sang all of the songs we know and love, and 1 or 2 new ones. At one point, one of the guys went down into the 'track seat' area and the other came out the gate and into the Grandstand. He was about 3 rows away from us! I don't think I have ever been to a concert at the grandstand where anyone did something like that.
After the concert, as we were walking o our car we stopped and got $1 drinks again, so now the total is--$13. Add the price of 2 tickets for the concert and the whole evening totaled $33.00!! Hey! that was a pretty cheap date, don't you think!
We had a great time!


Abby said...

You crack me up with your running total. So sounds like something I would do! We went last year with Mandy's kids on dollar day too. I wore a white tshirt got a corn dog with ketchup and you guessed it glop all down my white shirt. Uggh was that embarrassing to have walk around the rest of the time with a big red stain down the front of MY shirt!

Mandy said...

Your post reminded me of the commercials for the credit card. I was waiting for you to say the date was "priceless". :-)