Saturday, August 23, 2008

Boy was she MAD!!

Emily loves to eat lemons! If we get them with our tea, we save them to give to her. She had had one slice at McFarland's and was working on another when Ron got up to go pay the bill so we could go to SDC. Stacy thought Emily had probably had enough so she took the lemon so she could clean her hands, etc. to leave. She was NOT ready! and boy did she let us [and the rest of the restaurant] know!!
Ron said he was standing in line to pay and he heard her. The next thing he knew, here came Kirk carrying her out as fast as he could with his hand over her mouth! That didn't go over very well with her either! He took her clear outside and sat with her on a bench until the rest of us got out there. She was still snubbing from her crying when we all got outside.
Usually she is a sweet, placid, happy baby... but watch out! She CAN throw a temper tantrum, too!!

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Karen said...

She takes after her Aunt Karen with those lemons. I would love to see her again!! I miss you all!!

Love the new look on your blog!!! Good job!