Friday, August 29, 2008


...for all the birthday cards and wishes! I had a really great day. Ron wished me Happy Birthday before he left for work this morning. I have gotten several cards in the mail and good wishes over the internet, too. One of my sisters sent me a huge bronze colored mum plant. I'm going to put it out by the front porch. Ron took off work at noon and we drove over to Columbia so I could do a little 'shopping' at Hobby Lobby, the new mall, and JoAnn's [took my coupons for HL&JA's!]. I found some great deals on scrapbooking stuff.
We met Kris at his house after he got home from work and went to supper at a little out-of-the-way Greek restaurant Kris knew. All of the bigger 'chain' restaurants were swamped with customers due to the holiday weekend. Had a good steak dinner and some of the hottest 'wings' we have ever had for an appetizer. They also brought me a piece of Baklava for my birthday. I was so full I brought it home and will eat it tomorrow!
Kirk and Stacy are coming for breakfast in the morning[actually, brunch--since it will be late morning!] and Kevin and Cory are coming out to barbecue in the evening.
BTW: I don't mind telling it--I am 64, now, 2 years younger than Ron!

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