Monday, September 22, 2008

BDACE* continued

* Best Day After Christmas Ever ( which is how I had titled the last post, but it somehow got erased.)
One more shot of Rob and Karl in front of 'the sign'.
Here they are, talking in the restaurant.
Here is Kris, Ron, Karl, Rob, and Kevin. I was sitting next to Rin when I took this pic.
Here is a (too dark :0( ! ) pic of the whole gang that was there. Karl was standing on a chair or something at the back. Our waitress took this pic. In this pic: Ron and Judy; Kevin, Dillon and Dakota, Dillon's room mate Hiro [from Japan]; Danielle, Cecil, and Maggy; Kristopher; Karl and Rob.


Anonymous said...

I think Karl stood on a chair or something just so he could be taller than Rob or Dillon! Who's that really old guy in the pic's???


Anonymous said...

I wish we could have been there! :O(