Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seeing Karl in St.Louis

The Lamb family(minus Chris, who had to work) came to Missouri for Spring Break. We took a day to go over to St.Louis and see Karl. It was early March, so it was windy and your jacket felt good, but it was warmer in the sun. Here, everyone but Nana and Papaw are having their picture taken at the bottom of the Arch. This was the first time Erika had been there and Karen has pics of Jacob's first and Madison's first, so she wanted some of Erika, too.
They are looking at one of the exhibits in the museum under the Arch. Erika really attached herself to Uncle Karl. I think by his smile that you can tell--He didn't mind THAT at all! This was the first time Erika and Karl had seen each other.
Now she is talking to him about another exhibit. Karl's aside to Karen, after listening to Erika talk on and on: "Does she ever slow down?"
This view across the Mississippi to Illinois is from the walkway between the Arch and the parking garage.
We had a really great day together. Ate downtown and then drove out to the Science Center entrance. We didn't have time to go through it, but we played around on the interactive exhibits outside. For some reason, I didn't get pictures :(.
Jacob was feeling a little 'rocky', because he was recovering from having his tonsils out, but he seemed to feel better as the day went on. His biggest problem was getting something "easy" to eat! He managed a little better this day and then I fixed mashed potaoes, creamy hamburger gravy, and mushy broccolli and cauliflower (cooked like Papaw likes it!) for supper a night or two after this. He got that down really well and then he really started to feel better, and pretty soon was 'on the mend'. Poor Guy! He was just wasting away! Ha! He's just a teenage boy. They need LOTS of fuel at this age!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to have these pictures. I'm not sure where mine are of that day. :O( Erika really did enjoy Uncle Tar-ral! I like all of the pics, but I really like the last one of the two of them the most. I love how she had to always be near him and so he hands her his finger. :O)

Abby said...

Funny Karen and I were just talking about this trip. I told her how worried I was for Jacob since he was recovering from surgery. Regan had such a ROUGH recovery from her tonsils in the ER twice to get her fever down. So that is all I had to associate with it. I am so glad Jacob healed up much easier!