Thursday, September 4, 2008

This horse and the one you can barely see in the next stall were the ones the trick rider rode [both at the same time] in the Dixie stampede. [ I took several pics of the horses, Madison, and I'll try to bring them when we come.] Several of the horses were already saddled and waiting for the start of the show. These two had sparkly gold blankets under the saddle. The rider stood with one foot on the back of each horse and did flips etc while they ran in a circle around the ring.
Here is a pic from Branson Landing of the fire and water show. The trees you see behind it are on the opposite bank. Part of Lake Taneycomo runs by the Landing. I can't wait to catch this at night and see the light show with it, too.
This pool and fountains were right behind me when I took the last picture. The water 'danced' through several patterns--twirling here, jetting up really tall, or with more 'spouts' showing than are showing here. It is very soothing and restful to watch.
Here is Emily eating one of her lemons at McFarlains {I spelled it wrong in my other posts]. This is the first of 2 or 3 that she ate. It was shortly after this that she pitched her temper tantrum! [Read "Boy was she mad!", several posts back]

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Karen said...

Emily gets that from her Aunt Karen and her Uncle Karl. I really like the fountain pictures.