Friday, September 5, 2008

Pics from Karl's birthday

Here sre the rest of the pics from Karl's birthday. [Go back to my first post with pictures to see Karl eating his BBQ ribs.] We walked the block and a half from Karl's apartment to this barbecue restaurant called Masterpiece. The food is very similar to the KC Masterpiece restaurant that Karl used to work at in Overland Park Kansas. The owner here had a connection with that chain in the past. Ron and Karl are listeniing to Kristopher give his order, or something.
This silly looking gal has barbecue sauce on her face and the tip of her nose! We all had ribs and boy were they good---but messy!
Ron took this pic and the one before. Wonder if Kris was eating his beans--or maybe his slaw.
Here is karl opening his cards. There were some silly ones, but it looks like this was one of the more serious kind! After we were through here we went out to a shopping mall and took Karl shopping for some clothes,etc. at a Kohl's store. We ran into some good bargains, and I got a couple of outfits,too. It was good to get to spend this time with him, although we were a few days before his birthday on the 28th.


Anonymous said...

With them sitting side by side, you can see how much Karl looks like dad. And Kristopher has lost some weight!! Great job Kris!

Anonymous said...

yeah, and dad has not...