Monday, September 15, 2008

My "Guitar Heroes"

Hmmm! I hope these pics are brighter than they look like they'll be right now. They looked alright through the I guess we will see!
These were taken last February when we went to visit The Lambs in Hutchinson,Kansas. This is in Jacob's room and Jacob, Chris, and Ron are playing Guitar Hero [if I remember the right name]. Chris was playing the drum part here, but they switched instruments around, at times.
Look at how hard Ron is concentrating. Jacob likes to challenge Papaw to try some of his video games. He has had him bowling on the Wi game and 'racing'/driving on another, among other things. Jacob gets a real kick out of just watching Papaw playing the games, but I believe this game was pretty new to all of them at the time.
I got these pics without them realizing I was even in the room. I really like this last one!


Karen said...

I love these pictures! Wow Jacob has changed so much since Feb.!! Jacob does love to challenge Papaw at all of his games. One time he had him playing golf and he slipped away for a min and told me to come watch Papaw's tongue sticking out while he concentrated. BUT if you look in the first pic of Jacob...guess what he has sticking out?!? :O)

Abby said...

Jacob does look a lot younger and a bit less hair in those pics!

Awesome to see them all playing together!

Anonymous said...

I remember Jacob rolling on the floor laughing at me trying to play his golf game! That's ok, Jacob, you'll be old someday!!!
The guitar hero was kinda fun, tho'!