Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here are a couple of pics of our dog, Buddie, modeling his new 'coat'. Santa thought he ought to have something to keep him warmer when he made his trips outside each day. At first glance you might think that it was fitting him really well......WRONG!
Everytime we put it on him and took him outside he would come in with one or both front feet OUT of the sleeves, or with the coat tangled around him in some way. It is simply too big! and it was such a bargain,too, from Old Navy. Oh well... I am going to see if I can take some tucks in it and make it fit better. Meanwhile, I found a sweater [in a smaller size!] that will fit him better. He is a really good dog. Doesn't bark when he is out on the chain. LOVES to be outside,but also loves to be in your lap, or chase a ball for you. Schnauzers like to 'cock' their heads and look at you when you talk to them like they are understanding everything you are saying...and sometimes they do!


Anonymous said...

I had forgotten that it was so big!
He is a good dog, but kind of a pain sometimes!


Anonymous said...

Chubs has a soccer hoodie that we all love and always want to put on him but he has the same problem as Buddie. It's kind of funny and fun for us though when he's walking around with one foot stuck in the sleeve of his shirt. I washed and dried the shirt in hot water and hot air and it helped a little.

Abby said...

Man our Maggie just gives us that look like your kidding me right when we try to put anything on her ;)