Monday, November 3, 2008

Checking out another beach.

We left the first beach and drove about a mile +/- to another beach that is close to a fishing bay. The access to the beach was easier here--no big hill to go down. There were more gulls landing near us, maybe because the wind was not quite as strong. This one made a nice picture, posing in front of this diftwood and rocks.
"Nanny wants to take a picture of all of us so lets get lined up."

So here is the pic...

...And here is the mad 'foot scramble' as they got out of the way of a wave that came a little farther in than they expected!!!

This beach was different than the last one. The giant boulders were not as close, the beach was rockier, and we found a lot more shells. There was a motel with access right up to the beach, and restaurants and other businesses nearby,too.


Discursivelyhappy said...

I like the feet picture.

Anonymous said...

I look like I'm getting on to Jacob about something. ??? The feet picture is funny! I'm glad you got it.

Abby said...

The feet if my favorite picture too!