Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last pics of Crater Lake

I took this on the way back down the mountain. There is some kind of gorge with steep rocky sides, and, I believe, a stream running through it. There are a lot of different colors in the rock face of the cliffs, too.
Here is one of those 'classic' kind of pictures you see from Crater Lake. Trees in the foreground, deep blue of the lake, snow on the mountains behind, and a clear sky!

Another family was there at the observation area when we were. We took their pictures, and they took ours! Ron was so cold and so worried about someone falling over the low wall, that was the only barrier there; that he headed back to the van. Eventually, most of the others did,too.

But, Karen and I wanted to get some more pictures! Here is one of Wizard Island. Karen's 'zoom' is a little better than mine. When she zoomed in on that little white 'spot' at the waters edge, she got a picture of the boat dock,etc.
Apparently there is a tour you can take on the lake [in the summer] that makes a stop at the island.

Here you can get an idea of why Ron was so worried about anyone falling. You would just tumble several hundred feet straight down to the water! I know that people want to see the natural beauty of the area, but you DO think that they would have some type of barriers up for safety. [ I know some kids, and adults, that I would not want to take anywhere like this!]
It was truly great to just be able to go and see this! I'll store it up in my memories, to think about from time to time!

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Lori said...

So beautiful!!!

Have a safe trip and thanks for taking care of my best friend.