Friday, November 21, 2008

Time to head home!

Karen went to the surgeon yesterday. She is doing very well. The surgeon removed the drain tube, and pretty much released her to do anything she feels like doing [within reason, of course] , except heavy lifting. There is one more test that has to be done on the tissue that was removed during surgery. It will tell them whether there is a genetic factor involved. It takes about 2 weeks to get the results. Then, they will finally have all of the data they need to decide on her course of treatment. They HAVE told her that she will NOT be doing radiation treatment. Also, she will be taking TAMOXIPHEN [sp?] for a period of time. They will wait to begin that untill this other test comes back, because if they decide she needs to take a course of "chemo", she will need to take it first. So, as Karen has said on her Blog, we are playing the waiting game!

Since the Holiday Season is upon us, and since Karen is able to do most of her work, and drive; Ron and I made the decision that I should come back home for a while. Karen is in agreement with that, too. So, I will be heading back to Missouri on Monday. If they decide that she will need to take chemo, I will come back to help during that time period. Taking it one step at a time, here!!

Thank You everyone for your prayers, cards, and "care" packages !! It is so great to feel the love from everyone!! God is so good!!

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Kristopher said...

Yay! So glad Karen's doing better and that she won't have to take radiation (hopefully)! And so glad my Momma will be back in Missouri for Thanksgiving! I'll see you Wednesday evening!