Monday, November 3, 2008

"Kids" playing!

Karen and I decided we wanted to get our feet wet. Boy!! It was cold!!!!! But a lot of fun, too.
Here the kids designed a "house" out of driftwood and rocks between these two giant boulders. They had a lot of fun gathering and building.

I don't know...Does Jacob think he'll see further out to sea if he climbs every boulder he sees?
Maybe its a case of "It is there, so I must climb it..."
Anyway he had a lot of pleasure out of doing it!

Nanny and Papaw and the kids. [I've got this pic for my wallpaper right now.]

"Suze" and "Daddy". Naw, she's not spoiled! She's just Daddy's girl! ... and Mama's girl, too.

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Karen said...

I need a copy of that picture! i've got the one of you and I laughing with the wave coming over our feet, but I don't have one of me and dad. I love it!