Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunset views and a mystery

Here is the mystery...You can tell I took this out the car window, but I'm not sure where it was... I might have been trying to get a picture of the moon on our way home. hhhhhmmmmmmmmm! It sure is dark isn't it?
The sun is almost down. There was a cloud bank covering the sun, but you could see the reflection over the water. This was taken just to the South of where we were at the first beach. I was trying to get some of the houses that were further South a little ways.

This is at the top of the hill at the first beach we went to that day.

This one was just a bit earlier, but from that same general area.

I think this is in the same general area that the first sunset picture was taken. { You down load them in a certain order, but that is not how they come up on this page. grrr!] I know the pic will be a little brighter when you click on it to make it bigger. It shows up brighter when I look at it on my camera memory.

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