Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wrap up of our Oregon trip

This is the football stadium at a high school where Jacob played soccer the last Sunday we were there. He plays on a traveling team and we all went to watch them play. This was like traveling to Warrensburg [or farther] for a game. This was quite a facility. You can see the open bleachers here. We were in the covered ones, and they were VERY comfortable.
If you see a really blonde head in here, that is Jacob! It was hard to catch him at times, because the minute you thought you had him in your sights...he would move!

On our way to the game we saw this big flat bed truck carrying this little "Mater" truck tied down right in the middle of it. I took this out of the car window as we travled along beside the flatbed. Karen had the pic that Chris took on her blog,too.

Here is the mountain they call "Flat top". This is also taken from the moving car. If I am remembering right...I think Chris said that there is a boy scout camp [among other things] on the top of it. I could have it mixed up with another place, though.

Here you can see Jacob at that game. I'm not sure if he is playing offense or defense here. His team did win, though. That was the second time they had won against this team.

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